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    Welcome to Our Forum!


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    Welcome to Our Forum!

    Post by Pro on Thu Feb 18, 2016 5:59 pm

    We have made our own forums so that our viewers and virtually anyone can talk and have a discussion on anything they wish! Please take a moment to read our quick list of rules.

    Forum Rules

    1. Please be respectful to other users, you aren't the only one out there.
    2. Note that any content you post can be removed by the admins if they wish as so.
    3. No spamming, if you have a lot to say, please put it all into one post or reply.
    4. Do not report a post or reply if it doesn't follow one of the guidelines for what counts as a violation against the forum rules.
    5. One post per half hour. Anymore and it counts as being spam.
    6. If posting an image, please cite the source to avoid copyrights.
    7. Users ought to post in a way which is reliable with "ordinary written work". That is users ought not post excessive number of emoticons, extensive, little or hued content, and so forth. Likewise users ought not SHOUT or utilize over the top accentuation (e.g. ! furthermore, ?).
    8. User ought to utilize a fitting, distinct subject when posting. Cases of awful subjects include; "Offer me!", "I'm trapped!", "I've some assistance with getting a mistake!", and so forth. Cases of good subjects include; "Getting a TABLE FULL blunder upon login", "Can't restore a reinforcement", and so on.

    I will be the main moderator until Noob and other usrs start registering. In order to be able to be a moderator, you need to be chosen by me or Noob.

    Alright, that's all I had to say.

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