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    3/20/16 Changes


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    3/20/16 Changes

    Post by Pro on Sun Mar 20, 2016 11:35 am

    Another day in the weekend, another day to talk to myself. And I still have to edit a video for the channel, ach.

    1. Tagging Members. Did you want to introduce someone to another member in a more efficient way then telling them to go to a certain post? Well, now you can! If you want to tag someone, you would put it in this format,
      This way you can summon users with the magical powers of simple coding. They will recieve a notification that they have been summoned and will come to the post if they cared enough.
    2. Meet ForumBot-chan! As the name suggests, this user is pretty much going to be our bot. Also that the bot is a girl. She will send messages and do a bunch of stuff for us, to reduce the little labor we have.

    The list of stuff that I do is getting smaller and smaller, but more significant. That was the end of my weekend improvement spree! Bye!

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