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    End of Erased(Boku Dake ga Inai Machi)


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    End of Erased(Boku Dake ga Inai Machi)

    Post by Pro on Sat Mar 26, 2016 1:46 pm

    Just two days ago, Erased ended. The series that I devoted my life to when it started in January, has just ended. I thought I should put up a post that would us talking about it.

    So, did you guys like the ending of Erased? Spoilers will be marked below Silly v2

    The rating on MAL was a steady drop from it's initial score, with it at 8.92 right now. I remember during the half-point mark of the anime it was like a 9.10 average, I haven't rated it yet at that point. Both the manga readers and the anime-only people were excited for every episode. Me being part of the anime-only group. Towards the last few weeks, the manga readers were getting concerned. They were talking about how there was so many chapters left for only about 3 episodes left. At this point,
    Episode 10 Spoilers:
    Yashiro was the killer, as many speculated(not me, I was blind to the fact that he was a red herring). Satoru had nearly drowned and then there was a major cliffhanger.
    Without trying to spoil much, they were talking about how how the last few parts of the story were going to be handled without rushing it.

    What happened? It got rushed. Warning, I am not going to mark any spoilers past this line of text.What

    I don't know how the ending in the manga goes, but apparently this was an anime-original ending, with new material. The last episode was good, not going to lie, but it was rushed and so damn melodramatic. Like homie, please, you are a freaking murderer, not a philosopher. I like how Satoru toyed with Yashiro's emotions to make him admit that he wasn't going to kill Satoru. That conversation was little melodramatic for my taste but I liked the execution. Love that wink. People who said that they did like the ending say that there is no loose ends which made it a great ending. I beg to differ. Remember the whole reason why Satoru was able to go back to 1988? You know, that thing called Revival. I don't remember a explanation about it. Why out of all of all people does Satoru have this time-traveling power? I need a explanation, it boggles my mind. If there was a moment where they did explain it, I might have fallen asleep at that moment. At least there was a cute moment to compensate for it. Not to mention Pizza-chan.


    That was my little rant. I still have it as a 10 on my MAL, so the ending didn't really make me hate the complete series. All in all, the ending ticked me off a bit, but still loved every other part!

    Thanks for reading!

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